Maggie & Angelina

Pop-Rag, mp3, 6,2 MB, 320 KB. Für meine zwei ältesten Freundinnen. Text und Musik, alle Instrumente und Gesang: Christina Raatz © Christina Raatz 1997


My life has become so rich, since I met you
I’m a lucky girl ‘cause I know you as friends
and I’m glad that I got you … both women you

You’ve gone through so many things in your life
sometimes up sometimes down but
you’ve never lost your sense of humour
that’s why I’m your admirer … honestly

Oh even if all else fails
and we’re drifting apart
deep inside my heart
I’ll always be bound up with you
and I’m glad that I got you

On sundays at the dog-club we meet … to have some funny time
some are interested in little intrigues
and everybody’s trifling with each other … what a mess!

Dad dadn da da     dad dadn da da     dadn da da da
dad dadn Maggie     dadn Angelina     dadn da da da

Oh even if all else fails …


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